Ensure your organization’s success by having CUCIT leverage your systems and software.

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have often fallen behind in the area of technology. The cost of leveraging an actively managed technology infrastructure has traditionally been more easily absorbed by larger companies, leaving NPOs with aging and (in many cases) inefficient technology.

To survive, organizations must be able to rely on their technology infrastructure just as they would any other utility that is fundamental to daily productivity.

We know that you will need a reliable and cost-effective technology infrastructure and IT support process to: gain operational efficiencies, balance the budget, and increase fundraising results. Our highly talented engineers and customer support teams leverage their technology and nonprofit expertise to help ensure your organization’s success.

Outsourced IT Benefits:

  • Achieve complete satisfaction through our guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Reduce technology costs by leveraging secure, stable systems
  • Avoid significant upfront investment in hardware, network, and software
  • Control your budget with fixed, predictable technology costs
  • Free your internal resources to focus on your core mission
  • Promote collaboration among board members, donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers
  • Receive qualified technical support for subscribed services
  • Reduce downtime with fast, reliable problem resolution
  • Protect systems to guard your data against computer viruses, hackers, and natural disasters

CUCIT Solutions utilizes centralization and standardization to achieve economies of scale, so we can manage IT better and more economically than our clients can internally, with or without an existing IT staff.

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