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We understand the issues of schools, from the district level to the individual classroom

A school’s technology support should align with its educational goals and maximize the instructional impact of technology tools and resources deployed. Our K-12 specialists and cross-platform technology experts work with districts and schools all across the Nation – to advise, plan, implement, and support their technology vision and mission.

Managing your technology and technology staff takes a broad range of skills and experience, and the CUCIT team fits the bill.

School Computer Networking & Server Management

CUCIT’s goal is to maximize technology’s contribution to aid in improving education & schools for students, teachers, and staff alike. We offer a full suite of computer networking & server management services that can handle up to 100 percent of your school computer network infrastructure for a predictable, flat rate monthly fee. Our primary offering for educational institutions includes all needed computer networking equipment, software, management, and support.

Education Industry Benefits to Schools

  • Wireless computer networking solutions to improve productivity for roaming staff and students
  • Automated local and remote server backup ensure your data is always safe
  • Managed VPN connections to link all your facilities
  • 24/7 computer network monitoring to ensure safe computing environments
  • Remote server data backup to simplify data protection for remote sites and users
  • One predictable, flat rate monthly fee
  • Single point of contact

Your school facility will not have to spend large sums of money upfront to properly outfit it with the needed network computing infrastructure. We can handle everything for you. What really makes us unique is that we provide a single point of contact to prevent “finger pointing” between network and server vendors, and everything is included in your monthly fee.

No two schools have identical network needs – so CUCIT works hard to identify your requirements that support the collaborative aspects of your school operations. We have experience working with school institutions and the applicable networking and computer applications which enables us to build your network environment to run more smoothly. We are sensitive to our client’s productivity and spend 3-5 weeks planning the deployment of our computer networking and server management solutions. By planning in advance and completing much of the network configuration work at our facilities, we minimize the impact of a change to your computing environment. After the planning phase and configuring the environment, we deploy our computer networking solution over a weekend to keep your employees as productive as possible.

Now is the time for CUCIT Solutions.

Your school has an excellent staff, a solid curriculum, and a strong technology infrastructure. Now, the desire to sustain the momentum towards continued excellence presents the perfect opportunity.

Technology support in a school can be designed to enable all users to gain greater benefits from your investment in technology – by using the right resource at the right time in managing network infrastructure, security, communications, and administrative desktop support services.

CUCIT Solutions utilizes centralization and standardization to achieve economies of scale, so we can manage IT better and more economically than our clients can internally, with or without an existing IT staff.

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