IT Security

It’s Not A Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When…

Enterprise Security Strategy

Secure your applications and data with a preventative, cloud-first cybersecurity program.

Today’s hyper-connected world of networks, devices, and users create endless breach opportunities for attackers. Your best defense is a proactive approach that prioritizes the safety of your most valuable assets: client and financial data, intellectual property, and critical applications. An effective cybersecurity strategy is critical to the success, growth, and reputation of your business.

Extending Security to the Cloud

When critical business workloads transition to the cloud without a plan for security governance, your organization’s data and property are immediately vulnerable to attack. And beyond planned workloads, cloud security becomes increasingly complex with every mobile device and SaaS application added to your IT ecosystem.
This rapidly expanding, cloud-first environment requires a proactive security approach.

Assessment and Roadmap Services

CUCIT can help your team establish a set of policies, tools, and procedures for systematically managing risks and responses across your organization’s sensitive data, networks and applications. Our goal is to help you minimize cybersecurity risks and ensure business continuity no matter what new threats arise.

We collaborate with you through every phase of creating your security roadmap, from assessment, gap analysis and strategic planning through cloud security, monitoring, detection, and incident response. Our expertise in best practices and tools for data security ensures that your security strategy anticipates threats and risks, with the right technology investments to keep your business always protected.

Make Your IT Security Goals a Reality

As a managed security services provider, we can help your organization:

ASSESS                 – Transparent & actionable recommendations to better secure your business.

PROTECT             – Prepare and defend your business from internal and external threats.

DETECT                 – Discover information security threats before they strike.

RESPOND            – Trace, identify, determine impact, and prevent similar attacks.

Build and Transform your Security Program with our Managed Security Solution Plans.

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