Anti-Spam/Virus & Email Continuity

Ensuring your business stays up if IT goes down

New threats are evolving daily and in greater numbers than ever before. Spam, phishing, viruses, web threats, and hackers can steal your valuable data and disrupt your network.

Without constant updates, your security software becomes obsolete. Keeping your business continuously up to date requires total protection against all types of known and unknown threats. CUCIT can safeguard your desktops, file servers, and email servers—with the convenience and ease of maintenance of a single, integrated Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

We manage a comprehensive protection for your business, meaning an integrated security solution that is always on guard, and always up to date—not just in the office, but also wherever employees work remotely.

Email Continuity

With email continuity, you’ll never have to worry about email availability. With a basic internet connection, your employees will always have access to their company email.

CUCIT’s email continuity solution maintains business continuity throughout a server outage by combining our disaster mail spooling functionality with continuous email communication services. While maintaining business continuity, you will be able to protect against email interruptions with the ability to access all email plus send and receive messages during the time of your outage.

Continuous email communication will be maintained as long as you are experiencing a server outage. Once your mail server is back online, the backed up email messages will be returned to your primary server.

Email Archiving

CUCIT’s Managed Email Archiving Service helps businesses control the ever-increasing volume of email messages to satisfy compliance and business data storage needs while also facilitating rapid, centralized electronic discovery. The fully managed service, which requires no hardware or software integration, enables our customers to automatically and securely archive their internal inbound and outbound email messages to a centralized, secure location. Through an intuitive, easy-to-use administrative platform, messages can quickly be searched and retrieved, using either “simple” (for novice users) or “advanced” (for technical users) search screens.

CUCIT’s Managed Email Archiving service can help you reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies, while helping to protect your organization from the many legal ramifications that can result from improper storage and retrieval of email messages.

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There is no easier, economical, or more effective way to keep blended security threats outside your network and keep your email archived and available.

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