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What It Does & How It Works…

This new NAS-based BDR technology performs at the block level where the actual digital 1s and 0s are captured from the hard drive, essentially eliminating failures related to open files. Because block-level data is raw information that’s independent of file structure formatting, it’s the most efficient way to write to a disk.

The Technology At Work To Keep Your Systems Working

The NAS BDR device can be configured to backup multiple Windows Servers by partition or by logical drives. There are no file or folder-level exclusions, because a snapshot of the entire partition is taken at the block level on the hard drive. Also, database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server transfer data in blocks without having to worry if files are open or if they are in use. Near Real-Time Backups: Snapshots to the base image (and their corresponding restore points) occur in increments of 15 minutes. When coupled with CUCIT’s automatic offsite data storage, this level of forensic and auditable data recovery helps satisfy various regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA) for data retention and data record reconstruction, and also serves stakeholders such as supply chain planners, warehouse analysts, auditors, and legal counsel. On-site Virtual Server: When confronted with one or more (maximum of eight) server failures, the device can be rebooted in less than 30 minutes, allowing uninterrupted online access to databases (including MS Exchange, SQL, etc.), applications and file data. While waiting for replacement hardware delivered, this device has your business up and running. The device multitasks so that, even while functioning as a virtual server, it can continue to back up data from other devices plugged into the NAS. Thus, your organization remains in business without any significant loss of data backup, server functionality, or application downtime. A Complete Image: The device generates image(s) of all hard drive partitions, which reside onsite at your location. The data is stored using AES-256 bit encryption and compressed. It employs block-level writes, which captures changes made within each file. Block level data is raw data which does not have a file structure imposed on it. Database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server transfer data in blocks. Intuitive and Flexible Restoration: The device allows for recovery of files, folders, partitions, mailboxes/messages, databases/tables using a quick and intuitive process. In case of a complete server failure it enables a bare metal restore to new, dissimilar hardware, and drivers. The 15-minute incremental based backup allows restores to be done from any point in time, allowing for multiple versions of files, folders, messages/mailboxes, database/tables to be restored. 24×7 Completely Managed Solution: The device is supported directly by our Network Operations Center (NOC). Devices and all attached servers are monitored remotely 24/7/365. Failed processes generate immediate alerts, and are immediately followed up by trained technicians via remote connectivity usually within minutes. In case of more serious issues, repairs will be conducted onsite. If an appliance is found to be irreparably damaged or destroyed, replacements can be shipped out overnight pre-loaded with all stored data. Monthly Testing of Partition Images: The “Backup Guardian” support plan is easy to manage through and all testing is tracked and reported back to you.

  • Monthly backup testing and verification
  • Monitored BDR Replication
  • Monthly server failover testing also includes integrity checks for; Exchange, Active Directory, File System
  • Mounting backup images at the manufacturer’s co-located data center.
  • Colo-level server virtualization (Hot Site)

Recovery Options:

  1. Onsite NAS (Standard)
  2. Disaster Recovery Program – Overnight delivery of a loaned NAS device, client data pre-loaded. Device is returned after client’s new hardware is acquired and online.
  3. Virtualized from the manufacturer’s co-located facility.


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