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The safest, most secure colocation services available.

As your business grows, you demand more and more from your servers—without fail. Increased Web presence, social networking, member portals, and virtual events can be fatal to your servers.

With Colocation, we can relieve the worry and burden of constant upgrades, downtime, and security issues while increasing performance, reliability, and scalability with managed hosting services.

CUCIT provides Colocation services at a state of the art, SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Centers nationally. Colocation services include virtual server hosting, physical server hosting, and software as a service offerings.

Network Features

    • Redundant 100 Mbps Internet connections with access to redundant OC-192 connections to a nationwide backbone
    • Designed failover systems for firewalls and routers

Physical Site Features

  • Power
    • 100% multi-generator backup with N+1 capacity.
    • 4 hours of redundant battery reserve.
    • True multiple utility power feeds from three separate electrical utility sources.
    • Environmental Controls
    • Fully redundant HVAC systems running during power interruptions on redundant diesel generators.
    • Under-floor cooling provided by computer-room grade equipment.
  • Physical Security
    • 24/7 monitoring (facility, environment, servers, network, and services)
    • Onsite 24/7 building security.
    • Indoor/Outdoor camera monitoring 24/7, digital recording archived
    • Physical access only granted to authorized personnel.
  • Emergency Controls
    • Pre-action sectioned sprinkler system rated for telecommunication/computer equipment.
    • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA®) systems are located throughout the raised floor area
  • CUCIT proactively monitors and manages your web, application, databases, and operating systems remotely as well as within the datacenter.
  • Monitoring features include:
    • Base monitoring
    • Process monitoring
    • Trend analysis
    • Hardware monitoring
    • Router and switch monitoring
    • Custom application monitoring
  • CUCIT also provides fully managed backup services to SAN and Tape
  • Customizable notification preferences and standard response specifications.

CUCIT Solutions is a national leader in colocation; providing completely secure and reliable server hosting with 24×7 support. Call us today at 800-990-0544 find out why so many companies have selected CUCIT for their collocation and server hosting needs.

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