The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes worldwide. With increasing regulation and stricter cost containment policies, healthcare and insurance companies are being pushed to streamline and modernize business process, manage information overload and introduce tighter controls for patient privacy.

CUCIT Solutions offers a full suite of managed computing services that can handle all your business’s computing infrastructure for a predictable, flat rate monthly fee.


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which came into force in 2009 is key driver in the move towards modernization. This act stipulates that healthcare institutions adopt Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and modernize IT infrastructures.

Digital healthcare brings the promise of significant improvements in the speed and effectiveness of patient care and reduced errors and costs among others. However, according to the latest statistics from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, only 0.5% of US Healthcare based institutions currently have a complete EMR (electronic medical record) to provide consistency and continuity across medical records, conditions and patients.

More than ever, patients communicate with their doctors through multiple channels: email, phone calls, videos and instant messaging, creating an overload of information and prompting the need for the adoption of next-generation solutions.


CUCIT Solutions understands the requirements of reaching and maintaining HIPAA compliance. This ensures the highest level of system security and protection for your desktops and servers. Our support staff also understands the standards regulated by the government to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal health information (PHI).

Industry Benefits

  • HIPAA Compliance Assistance
  • EMR/EHR Selection Assistance
  • Managed VPN connections to link multiple offices
  • Automated local and remote back up ensure your data is always safe
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure safe computing environments
  • Intrusion prevention services
  • One predictable, flat rate monthly fee
  • Single point of contact

We have extensive experience working with healthcare providers and the applicable business applications which enables us to build your computing environment to run more smoothly. We are sensitive to our client’s productivity and spend 3-5 weeks planning the deployment of our solutions. By planning in advance and completing much of the configuration work at our facilities, we minimize the impact of a change to your computing environment. After the planning phase and configuring the environment, we deploy our solution over a weekend to keep your employees as productive as possible.

CUCIT Solutions utilizes centralization and standardization to achieve economies of scale, so we can manage IT better and more economically than our clients can internally, with or without an existing IT staff.

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