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CUCIT Solutions offers a full suite of managed computing services that can handle all your business’s computing infrastructure for a predictable, flat rate monthly fee. Our primary offering for financial service providers includes all the needed equipment, software, management, and support. CUCIT ensures the highest level of system security, and we understand the compliance standards that have been established by the government to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal information.

Industry Benefits

  • Managed VPN connections to link multiple offices
  • Automated local and remote back up ensure your data is always safe
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure secure computing environments
  • Intrusion prevention services
  • One predictable, flat rate monthly fee
  • Single point of contact

In the world of financial services, risk taking is part of your DNA. But when it comes to safeguarding your firm’s vital data, you have zero tolerance for risk. System crashes, endless upgrades, compliance glitches—you’ve got no time for downtime or security breaches. That’s why hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms, and investment brokers and advisors place their IT infrastructure in the capable hands of CUCIT Solutions.

Our financial services clients trust that CUCIT’s IT specialists will keep their technology running, their information security in compliance, and their firm in compliance with ever-changing regulations. With no IT headaches to distract them, investors can focus on investing. Fundraisers can seek capital. Lenders can lend. And everyone—whatever the asset class—can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our technology experts are watching over their information assets.

CUCIT Solutions specializes in Hedge Fund IT, Private Equity IT, Venture Capital IT and Investment Firms IT.

IT Management Services Key to the Financial Industry

Offsite Data Backup

CUCIT increases infrastructure reliability with redundant computing systems and regular offsite data backup for workstations and servers. Data from every communication source, including email, text, voicemail, and attachments, is encrypted and securely stored. Data retrieval and restoration are simple and secure.


Staying current and in compliance with SEC, NASD, and state and federal banking rules and regulations could be a full-time job. CUCIT relieves the burden with a fully compliant solution for logging, archiving, and monitoring messages. We provide immediate encryption and archiving of inbound and outbound email, Bloomberg messages and instant messages.

Business Continuity

When your operation is compromised by internal or external events, you need to know two things—is your information secure and can the firm still function? With CUCIT, the answer to both questions is “yes.” Our central infrastructure features redundant mail relays, routers, and Internet connections. Your data is safely secured offsite and accessible remotely by key personnel. And our business continuity planners can prepare you for any disaster so your firm can carry on with confidence.

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