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Stay Connected on the GO with CUCIT Mobility Solutions

Today your office is wherever you are; at home, in your car, on a plane, even at the beach. When you’re mobile, you need the ability to seamlessly access your network, your organization’s servers, and the Internet to send and receive email and use all of your desktop applications – as though you’re in the office. CUCIT offers an array of mobile solutions which delivers enhanced speed, performance, security, and reliability and keeps you connected while on the go.

CUCIT Mobility Solutions to Keep You Connected

  • Email on your Smartphone: – Get your business email on your BlackBerry, iPhone, or virtually any smartphone as soon as it hits your Inbox so you always have access to the most recent emails.
  • Network and Server Access: Emails, applications, and files are easily accessible and highly secure with CUCIT’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Terminal Services. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
  • Remote Desktop: Access your desktop applications from anywhere at any time using the internet-enabled computers you already have. No need to spend money on new equipment. 24×7 server/system monitoring and maintenance ensures on-demand access to your most critical data
  • Business VoIP: Listen to voice messages from your laptop as soon as they are left by the caller and just click-to-dial. Find me/follow me feature ensures callers can get a hold of you quickly and easily. Our hosted or dedicated, onsite VoIP solutions can be customized to meet your needs.


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