Managed Services & Cloud Computing – Simplified

(If you have a website you are already in the cloud.)

What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services involves the transferring the day-to-day challenges of network management to an outside service provider (SP), called a managed service provider (MSP). It allows a company to benefit from WAN (wide area network) solutions such as Microsoft Exchange as a recurring monthly expense as versus a major capital investment. Managed Services is a method that involves a best practices approach to the management of I.T. infrastructure.

CUCIT allows you to free up critical internal resources such as cash flow and time for your core businesses strategic needs. You have better things to do than keeping up with computer updates, security issues, maintenance. CUCIT will reduce your IT expenses by proving lower-cost alternatives and allowing you to pay for services you actually use.

What is the CLOUD?

The CLOUD is a network of data centers offering access to applications, software and services delivered over the Internet. For example, with cloud computing you can ‘lease’ software instead of purchasing it for on-site use. Software, such as Microsoft Exchange are hosted remotely (in the cloud) and delivered to you via the Internet. You do not have to own, license, install or maintain the software because it is not on your computers.

Essentially, cloud computing involves trusting a third party – typically a service provider and a large datacenter, that could be located anywhere in the world – to host your organization’s email, databases and other mission-critical systems, which are then accessed via a secure Internet connection. This can deliver compelling cost savings, which at first glance may appeal at a time when most organizations are looking to trim the fat from their operations. The trade off is that the organization will sacrifice some control over many of its biggest assets, which would normally be located within its own four walls.

How does IT Managed Service work?

CUCIT has invested in monitoring and management software that gives us the ability to manage many computer systems with far less people and less time. Clients receive unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee. CUCIT can reduce the amount of problems you experience by being aware of computer issues and solving the problem before you even know it existed.

In addition, you will no longer be in the dark concerning the status of your systems. You will have the ability to access real-time reports concerning, up-time, updates, service response times, backups, etc…

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Our services

A Leading Managed Service Provider Dedicated to Helping Your Business Succeed with IT. Our customized managed solutions include but are not limited to:

Managed IT Services

CUCIT has been providing IT Services, Managed IT Services and Computer Support in South Florida for over 20 years.

IT Security

Build and Transform your Security Program with our Managed Security Solution Plans.

Telecommunication Services

Comprehensive VoIP telephony and business telecommunication services for any business requirement.

Remote Workforce Solutions

As COVID-19 affects companies and employees, the nation is transitioning to a remote workforce for the foreseeable future. CUCIT can give you the resources to help strengthen and support remote workforces.